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Our Organization

Waverly Pet Rescue has been in continuous operation since August, 2006.

The organization was conceived and is operated by a fifth generation Waverly

native with a passion to help homeless animals.

Waverly Pet Rescue is an all volunteer, no-kill rescue based in Waverly, Iowa. Our adoptable animals live in loving foster homes. Waverly Pet Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Waverly Pet Rescue primarily serves small towns in northeast Iowa without

animal shelters or other means to care for homeless animals.

Waverly Pet Rescue animals live in loving volunteer foster homes until

adopted… no matter how long that takes.

Waverly Pet Rescue finds homes or suitable no-kill placements for

approximately 300 homeless cats and dogs each year.

During the past eleven years, Waverly Pet Rescue has grown into a network of

foster homes, caring veterinarians and other volunteers, each bringing their

own skill set and love of animals to the organization.

Waverly Pet Rescue operates solely from donations and adoption fees.

We do not receive any grants or funding from the communities we serve.

Our administrative expenses are minimal, but the veterinary bills for our

animals are significant. Each animal is fully vetted before entering a foster

home and we always give our animals the care they need…sometimes at great

expense. Often, the adoption fee for an animal does not begin to cover the

actual cost to Waverly Pet Rescue for that animal’s expenses.

Our goal is the find our adoptable animals top quality and only the best forever homes. We have a very extensive and thorough adoption process.

**Adopting a friend: IMPORTANT**

1. Waverly Pet Rescue does not hold pets. If asked for further information, you should provide it as soon as possible or another home meeting all qualifications may be chosen to adopt the pet you want. Please arrange to see the animal you want as soon as possible because again, we do not hold them.

2. We do not adopt on a first come, first served basis. We select the best home.

3. We reserve the right to refuse anyone a pet, for any reason. We are devoted to the animals in our care and do all we can to make sure they are placed in good homes.

<4. Waverly Pet Rescue is operated solely by volunteers. Please be patient with our response back to you.

5. All prospective adopters are required to complete the application and interviewing process before adoption approval.

6. No dogs will be adopted if they will be kept strictly outside. Cats will only be adopted if they are to be kept strictly inside.

7. All cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies will be spayed / neutered before they are adopted.


All donations are tax deductible. We do not have a shelter. All pets live in foster homes. We only adopt to indoor homes. To see an animal, you must fill out an application first and then once approved, we can set up for you to meet the animal you are interested in. We do background checks on all applicants. If you have assault, domestic abuse, drug charges, etc. please do not apply. If you have questions, please send an email to

All animals see a vet for shots and normal exams. If they appear healthy and there are no obvious health concerns, then extensive testing is not done. This is normal procedure for pet rescues and shelters. Waverly Pet Rescue puts a lot of money into medical care for each dog and cat we take in. $200 is the average cost for basic care for cats. $300 for basic care for dogs. This does not include if the animal had an injury, required extra flea / ear mite treatments, or needed extra days at the vet office.

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